About us

     Having 40 years of experience in the medical and teaching field, together with a profound study of the Romanian and foreign private medical system, we provide a center for diagnosis and treatment that holds true to its motto: We respect the quality of medical care!For your health we have selected a very well-trained medical staff from a professional, moral and psychological point of view. For an accurate diagnosis and treatment, we provide state-of-the-art medical equipment.We base our activity on the firm conviction that we treat the patient and not the disease. Therefore, when you come to us as patients with a complex or apparently common symptomatology, you will be treated first by physicians with vast training in internal medicine, the only specialty that sees the patient as a whole. To us you are not merely a sick organ, but a whole person body and soul.

However, Internal Medicine should not exclude the specialist physician (cardiologist, gastroenterologist etc.) from the multiple branches of medicine. We believe that the specialist physician plays a very important role, but not when it comes to the first approach of a patient’s disease. He/She should step in at the request of the internist who is well‑trained and experienced, after an inter-disciplinary discussion between internist and specialist.

Taking an inter-disciplinary approach of your health issues (internist and specialist physician), you can avoid useless mental trauma that can lead to depression, due to not being able to identify the diagnosis by a constant referral from one specialist to another. This approach brings benefits to both parties – the patient receives the correct diagnosis and treatment, and the doctor receives respect and prestige.
We cannot afford senseless routine and superficiality. We believe in professionalism and improving our medical knowledge and that is why our study is continuous. To us you are first and foremost people and individuals. Thus, we have the moral obligation and the honor to do our job with passion, competence and responsibility and to treat you with great care, attention and consideration.